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July 2022 Market Update  

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2022 Q2 A3

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Since 2017, we've been monitoring the progress of Ireland's Data Industry. We've tracked a doubling of capacity since our first report, and project a further doubling over the next five years. 


2021 H1 Cover        Biannual Report - May 2021
2020 Q3 A4 Cover       Biannual Report - November 2020
2020 Q1 Cover       2020 Q1 Update - Including a detailed analysis of the Carbon Impact of the Data Industry. 


2019 Q4 Cover




2019 Q4 Update





 Q3 2019 Update  Q2 2019 Update  Q1 2019 Update  Q4 2018 Update
 2019 Q3 Cover     2019 Q2 Cover     2019 Q1 Cover    2018 Q4 Cover



2017 Report

Introduction to Concepts & Data Analysis


Q1 2018 Update

Updated Dashboard


Q2 2018 Update

Special on District Heating and PPAs


 Q3 2018 Update

Special on Energy efficiency and Design

  2017 Main Front Cover   2018 Q1 Front Cover   2018 Q2 Front Cover
  2018 Q3 Front Cover  


On 12th December 2017 - we launched our digital hosting dashboard ... On 11th May 2021 we will launch our 12th Report Update. Register for Today's 3pm (GMT) webinar with Host In Ireland here.


2021 H1 Cover



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