The Host In Ireland Pavilion at DataCloud Monaco 2017 provided a great place to meet and discuss digital trends.

Lots of interesting insights from data industry experts. Seems Bitcoin and Blockchain are here to stay. 




We joined the Host in Ireland delegation at the CAPRE Date Centre Conference in New York. It was a great opportunity to represent what Ireland has to offer the digital industry. 

Host In Ireland also celebrated it's third birthday. 


I-SEM Update from ESB Smart Energy Services and the Sustainability Skillnet. Topic: Discussion on the incoming electricity market (I-SEM) from ESB's experts. 

The new market will encourage active load management from large energy consumers. Flexibility will be rewarded. Fast (within 5 seconds) frequency response products will be needed. 

Euro 235 million available for Demand Side Units - Interruptible systems with reliable controls.

If you are a data centre operator, be prepared to engage more with energy suppliers to save energy costs.


David McAuley discusses Ireland's Digital Success with the CIBSE ASHRAE Group at the International Energy Research Centre, at UCC. 

The event was highlighted in the International CIBSE Journal April 2017.



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