Ireland's Data Hosting Industry 2017.

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Measuring the sustainability of Ireland's data industry.

We performed a survey of data centre operators in Ireland to find out what drives sustainability in their business. 

"We address the scale of energy use and its growth, and explore options for better integration with the energy system. We have mapped the location of the leading data centres in Ireland. We look at the different types of data hosting, and how their business models differ in terms of sustainability reporting. We address energy efficiency and best practice in data centre design and operations.

By providing the most timely and accurate update on data centre activity in the Irish market, we believe that this baseline will act as a useful reference for policymakers. This will be beneficial to Ireland as we look to continue our leadership in the creation, retention and exporting of digital products for the long term."

Read the report below.

To download a copy of the report, click here: Bitpower_Report_2017_sml.pdf