Data needs sustainable power. We can guide you through the options, smoothing the process from concept to power-up.
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Efficiency is the first fuel. We can help you optimise operating costs while growing your business. It's not just about light bulbs.Read More


We have a wide network of associates across the Irish energy and data ecosystems. Active participation keeps us up to date.
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Learn how our market research and policy insights can help to address challenges.
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Welcome to Bitpower

Digital information is increasing in volume at a rapid pace worldwide. Bits and bytes need power. Data hosting seems to be at odds with sustainability objectives. We help our clients to navigate these challenges.

Our Easy Steps To Success

Do the Right project, Do the Project right, Claim the Credit
1. Do the Right ProjectMaking the right decisions at the outset can avoid headaches later. Capital investments are for the long term, so be sure to make informed choices before you start.
2. Do the Project RightLocal knowledge goes a long way in avoiding surprises. Engage with the relevant authorities and other stakeholders as early as possible to minimise project delays.
3. Claim the CreditDon't let your good work go unaccounted. If you improve efficiency, you can claim energy credits. If you buy efficient kit, you can reduce tax. Communicate your sustainability credentials.